“Whaterhen bloa”

North country spiders

“Whaterhen bloa”

– yellow or olive pearsall’s gossamer silk
– mole’s fur
– dark waterhen
– daiichi 1510 #12 #14 #16 #18 #20



Plenty to Braga about in Portugal

Plenty to Braga about in Portugal

Places to go after spending a day fly fishing

Plenty to Braga about in Portugal
It’s a sleepy, ancient city, but also brimming with a modern, youthful energy. Check out Braga, the loveliest city in Portugal you’ve never heard of
In fact, it was hard to keep my focus on Braga’s cultural offerings when my taste buds were constantly being tempted.

Braga’s noticeably unhurried pace of life accelerates after dark, especially in the downtown area. The city’s sense of intimacy and compact size make it easy to bar hop – and it offers a more inviting prospect than trying to negotiate Porto’s vast urban sprawl.


By Jeanine Barone (The Guardian)

Top 10 destinations for 2013

Top 10 destinations for 2013 Portugal oozes ‘old European charm’. Medieval towns and historical quarters are full of squares, churches and monasteries. Narrow lanes are flanked by old skew houses with crooked balconies draped in drying laundry. Here, neighbours still share the latest gossip or discuss politics from their windows. Pastry shops and taverns are found in such abundance it makes you wonder whether the Portuguese eat at home at all. The pace is soothingly slow and any day seems to be a good day for a drink. Chances are that after a few days in Portugal, you’ll find yourself sitting in a small square with a glass of tawny port in your hand, no matter whether you previously liked the stuff or not. It’s just one of those things Portugal does to you.